4 November 2012

    Holding the Book Club

    Regular Gatherings
    The monthly queer book club happens on the first Sunday of every month. On Sunday 4 November, the book club takes on Brett Easton Ellis’s Less Than Zero. The following month on the first Sunday of December the book is Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex. Hosted by Danie …Read More


    8 November 2012

    Word Slam

    Spoken Word Events
    Word is Out welcomes writers of all sorts to register for our monthly Word Slam. (date is showing as 8 December on events website but is definitely 8 November) Continuing our long history of programming entertaining events for writers with short works and audiences with short …Read More


    25 October 2012

    Bespoken – Monthly Writing Fix

    Spoken Word Events
    Bespoken spans all genres, and all career stages. October’s Bespoken features work-in-progress readings from Tom Cho,  Kelly Gardiner and Daniel G Taylor. In one of his final public appearances before moving overseas, author Tom Cho reads from second fiction boo …Read More


    28 October 2012

    Queer as Craft: Stitch & Bitch

    Regular Gatherings
    On the 2nd and 4th Sundays every month, your very own, very queer Stitch & Bitch group meets at Hares & Hyenas. Bring your knitting, tapestry, crochet or macrame along and join in the kvetching. It’s a lot of fun, and a good way to vent and be productive at the …Read More


    13 November 2012

    Catherine Deveny’s The Happiness Show

    Hare Hole Books & Talks
    A chat, a reading, an interview, and a q&a. Catherine Deveny is best known for her candid social commentary, comic interventions, frequent coarse language and as a powerhouse of the Twitterverse. She celebrates the release of her first novel, The Happiness Show (Black Inc …Read More


    15 November 2012

    UNCLASSIFIED: Video & multimedia

    Video & Multimedia
    3rd Thursday of the month – video, multimedia and more… Jumpstarting back to life on 15 November  A monthly event to celebrate projected imagery. November artists include visual and video artist Hannah Raisin, Aoteroa/NZ printmaker and multimedia artist Tama Tk …Read More